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33 startups to watch in 2017, according to VC investors
dollar-store shoppers want the convenience of ecommerce and are loving Hollar, which is doing millions in sales and grown 50% month on monthRead more...
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Online dollar store Hollar just added a bunch of our favorite Korean beauty brands to their arsenal
Luckily for us, the online dollar store Hollar just added a bunch of our favorite Korean beauty brands to their affordable lineup so we don’t have to stress. Now we are blessed with the option to stock up on enough Korean face masks for both ourselveRead more...
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15 Cheap Korean Beauty Finds To Buy From Hollar, The First Online Dollar Store
If you've ever wanted to expand from a cursory glance into Korean beauty and skincare but were concerned about prices, you can official try tons of amazing products thanks to Hollar.Read more...
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America's Dollar Store Generation Has No Shame
The most notable difference is Hollar’s dedication to mimicking a high-end shopping experience, further removing the customer from the dusty, flourescent-lit aisles of the real thing. While Dollar General’s website leads with a banner about “hot dealRead more...
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One of Amazon's earliest investors just made a $30 million bet on Hollar, the online dollar store
In a year since its launch, Hollar has raised money at a break-neck pace despite an increasingly tough funding environment. On Thursday, the company plans to announce that it has raised $30 million from Kleiner Perkins, bringing its total money raiseRead more...
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How a Group of Ecommerce Veterans Launched Hollar, an Online Dollar Store, and Hit $1 Million in Monthly Sales After Just 5 Months
In this legacy industry, David Yeom saw an opportunity. He launched Hollar, an online dollar store, in November and since then, Hollar has seen 50 percent month-over-month growth for six consecutive months.Read more...
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Hollar Grabs $30 Million to Grow Its 'Online Dollar Store'
David Yeom’s childhood was filled with trips to the “dollar store,” and they’ve become an unlikely inspiration for his new business.Read more...
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Hollar snags another $30 million for its fast-growing dollar store app
The company is tackling an interesting space – the super low price points where the majority of its merchandise has been around the $2 mark. Read more...
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Marketplace Tech for Thursday, November 3, 2016 (Podcast)
On today's show, we'll talk about a new report from ProPublica indicating that Facebook allows buyers to target their advertising toward, or exclude, certain racial groups; the expansion of a startup called Hollar, which is aiming to be the online veRead more...
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Investors are betting big on an online dollar store
What's a dollar store worth? $30 million. Hollar, a startup trying to bring the dollar store online, raised $30 million, its second major round of funding. Read more...
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Hollar- the online dollar store app
David Yeom, the co-founder of Hollr, an online dollar store (with goods from $2-$10) tells Jefferson Graham how he can compete with the likes of Amazon, eBay and others online, but just focusing on low-cost items, on #TalkingTech.Read more...
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Online discount store Hollar raises $30 million and moves headquarters to Commerce
Hollar Inc., a year-old start-up aiming to re-create the dollar-store experience for the smartphone-shopping era, has raised $30 million from investors. Hollar's second major batch of funding, announced early Thursday, suggests that the company is maRead more...
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Millennials Aren't Cheap, They're Thrifty
The e-commerce platform Hollar surveyed more than 1,000 Americans in an effort to determine just how tight-fisted millennials are. Your cheat sheet on life, in one weekly email. Get our weekly Game Plan newsletter. Sign Up Those polled overwhelmRead more...
Hollar, the Fastest Growing Online-Only Dollar Store, Woos Millennial Moms
If you’ve spent any time in a dollar store, chances are you came out of there with many more items than the bar soap you originally went in for. Hollar, an online-only dollar store concept that launched in November of last year, is trying to capture Read more...
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Online dollar store Hollar is giving these old-school shops a makeover
The idea was simple: Create a digital flagship where nothing costs more than $5. Now, Hollar's [CEO] is making the case that the company has figured out how to profitably bring the dollar store into the digital era.Read more...
Hollar Wants To Be Your Online Dollar Store
A new startup,, is trying to become the first dollar store to succeed exclusively online. And so far, it seems to be workingRead more...
An online dollar store sounds like a terrible business. This CEO wants to prove it’s not
After six months, the retail startup has already reached $1 million a month in online sales. Read more...
Is a Better Online Version of Your Local Dollar Store?
If you haven't heard of, this digital one-stop-shop is bringing dollar store-type deals to the Internet and has been growing steadily since launching last November. Read more...
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The 5 Shopping Apps You Need This Fall
HOLLAR brings the “dollar-store experience” to an app. No, not the cluttered shelves and crowded, hectic aisles, but the ability to buy lots of products for way less money.Read more...
Lots of Fun Finds Under $5 at this Online Dollar Store
No matter what you're buying, is all about delivering incredible value. You'll find toys for the kids, gifts for friends, make-up, tech stuff, household items and more. Read more...
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Weekly Link Roundup
Hollar, the Fastest Growing Online-Only Dollar Store, Woos Millennial MomsRead more...
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8 Online Dollar Stores with Deals Better than Your Local Dollar General
Hollar is a newcomer to the market, only being founded November 2015 – but just because it’s new doesn’t mean it hasn’t become a massive competitor for the rest. Read more...
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How To Get Cult Beauty Products For Drugstore Prices & Even Cheaper
Brick and mortar discount shops usually have a bargain bin of old, crusty makeup in the colors nobody wants, but not Hollar. Their beauty department is packed with cult favorites, and they're going for drugstore prices, and often times, much lower. Read more...
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2016 Back-to-School Gear Guide
Hollar is like an upscale, online dollar store. Just like any discount store, there is a ton of stuff to sort through to find real gems, but it’s time well spent, especially if you don’t have time to go to a physical store for school supplies. Read more...
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5 Things You Can Buy on Pinterest, Dior Home Line & More
Hollar, the world's first online-only dollar store, launched in November, stocks 20,000 products, and is attracting a million shoppers a month.Read more...
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5 Tech Gadgets You Can Buy at the Dollar Store
Believe it or not, you can actually find a wide variety of tech gadgets at your local dollar store! Read more...
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Dollar Stores Want Their Share Of Online
Hollar is just an online store with plans to change the way America shops, by looking for name brand bargains and saving lots of dollars.Read more...
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At long last, we can shop at a legit dollar store from the comfort of our homes
Meet The startup opened for business last year and offers "'tens of thousands'" of products for sale and adds hundreds of new items daily.Read more...
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Is THIS the Dollar Store of the Future?
What if we told you there's a new store a lot like the dollar store — super cheap — and it's ENTIRELY online so you never have to leave your couch? Enter, where nearly all items are five bucks or less.Read more...
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There's A New Online Player In The Dollar Store Space
Now, perhaps, the dollar stores have perhaps met a disruptor to their model in a startup called Read more...
Almost Everything at This New Online Dollar Store is $5 or Less
Obviously, the dollar store isn’t dead. Quite the opposite, actually.Read more...
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From Discount Toys To Subscription Perfume: 13 Early-Stage E-Commerce Startups to Watch
Hollar is a discount shopping site and app offering toys, clothing, home goods, party supplies, and more, with items generally under $10.Read more...
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15 must-have beauty products you can get from this online dollar store
A true makeup lover knows that amazing beauty products can come from all sorts of places. Now, you can enjoy the low prices of a dollar store in the most convenient way with Hollar — the first dollar store that is exclusively online!Read more...
Here’s what it’s like to shop the ‘online dollar store’
In the end, I saved $40 on seven nail polishes, some face wipes, feminine products, and wall hooks. A pretty great deal. Read more...
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Will an online dollar store work?
Some business ideas come along that seem as though they are either just plain crazy or crazy brilliant. Today, we submit for your evaluation, a new site that approximates the experience of dollar stores online with goods offered at prices Read more...
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Hollar takes the dollar store online
Los Angeles-based Hollar offers merchandise starting at $2 in a mobile-first format. Read more...
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The Motherlode: Our Top Weekly Links
Cheap kiddo gifts and party supplies ahead!
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Is It Time To Embrace Discount Retailers Such as Dollar General?
Online dollar store Hollar launched just six months ago but has already reached $1 million in retail sales, and it offers recognizable brands as opposed to low-quality merchandise.Read more...
The Recession Mentality: 3 Ways Frugality Has Shaped Today's Consumer
We’ve also seen the rise of new store dollar retailers like Wish or Hollar, the latter an online-only retailer focused on earning young shoppers’ trust and proving that cheap doesn’t have to mean knockoffs.Read more...
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The Dollar Store is Now Online
While retail stores are shuttering, dollar stores are still growing. But they’ve done little to innovate over the years. That’s where Hollar comes in.Read more...
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Is Dollar Retail The Future Of Online Impulse Buys?
It seems as if online shoppers are riding it just fine, at least according to the digital frontier’s shining example of eCommerce on the right kind of cheap, Hollar.Read more...
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Dollar stores are stealing Walmart’s customers. Now they’re going online
Hollar, an online discount retailer based in Santa Monica, California, stepped into the void last year and raised $17.5 million from firms such as Lightspeed Ventures Partners, BAM, and Forerunner Ventures.Read more...
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Fast-growing online dollar store Hollar launches its own private label goods
Recently, had its first million dollar month, and raised another $12 million in Series A funding. Now, the company is moving to manufacture its own goods.Read more...
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Introducing the Digital Dollar Store
Dollar stores are a $50 billion industry, but the digital presence and e-commerce platforms for dollar stores have always been limited. That’s where steps in.Read more...
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You Can Now Shop the Dollar Store Online
Fact: We're big fans of dollar stores. There's something eternally gratifying about knowing that a store exists where we can purchase everyday items at a low cost—especially during those times of the month when money is tighter.Read more...
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Hollar Raises $12 Million, A Few Months After Seed Round
Online discount store Hollar of Santa Monica has closed a $12 million Series A round just four months after raising a $5.5 million seed round.Read more...
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Cutting Edge Hollar: Dollar store bucks convention
On Thursday, Santa Monica-based Hollar Inc. started putting online thousands of toys, clothes, household goods, party supplies and other stuff at $2 apiece, with a few special items costing about $5.Read more...
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